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We are an exclusive dealer of the Ultimate UnderDeck systems: a system that helps you reclaim your outdoor living space!

Offering unparalleled style, quality, and efficiency, the Ultimate UnderDeck system is the perfect way to create an outdoor living space while beautifying and increasing the value of your home.

“Drying in” your deck used to mean choosing between two standard options: white and beige; but, with Ultimate UnderDeck, you have your choice of two textures and twelve beautiful finishes that complement the look of your home while also keeping you and your patio furniture dry.

Our versatile under deck ceiling can match any style of home, from a modern house in Washington to a traditional plantation home in Virginia.

In addition to their outstanding beauty, the durable panels used to construct this system are made of heavy gauge alloy and can withstand decades of weathering, making them perfect for even the harshest environments.

Whether you have a home on the Atlantic in Maryland or live in the mountains of Virginia, Ultimate UnderDeck allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and fresh air without having to worry about unexpected rain, hot summer sun, or even purchasing special outside furniture.

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Create New Space at Your Place with an Under Deck Ceiling

Not sure if your deck is in good enough shape to build on? Our experienced representatives will come examine your deck and tell you if it’s structurally sound, as well as give an expected remaining lifespan. Ultimate UnderDeck offers the installation flexibility to accommodate the most challenging application and finish options to harmonize with any architectural style, from traditional to contemporary. For more information on the
revolutionary Ultimate UnderDeck system, contact us today.

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Under Deck Waterproofing with Ultimate UnderDeck

There are numerous under deck waterproofing systems available that can help you create a functional outdoor space for your family. While many do a fine job of providing you a waterproof under deck, very few feature the durability, design, and strength of Ultimate UnderDeck.

You may be wondering what makes our product so great. Aren’t all under decks the same? The short answer is yes, in theory, all under deck systems create a dry under deck space for you to use as part of your functional living area.

What sets us apart is that aside from our twelve available color and wood finishes (more than any other under deck waterproofing system) Ultimate UnderDeck boasts a patented design that is a cut above the rest.

The beams are constructed from heavy gauge alloy, not a vinyl under deck, that is resistant to rot and weathering, even in harsh salt air environments.

Our system provides you with a waterproof under deck by locking into a sturdy grid of supports across the underside of your deck.

Each component is chosen because of its durability. From the grids to the factory finished panels to our heavy-duty ceramic coated screws, you never have to worry about your under deck sagging, leaking, or separating.

The highly engineered water management system can handle up to 15 inches of rain per hour, which is several times more than a severe tropical downpour, providing unsurpassed under deck waterproofing.

We expertly hide our supports with eight-inch decorative panels and half-inch reveals. Our finished trim, available in 10 stunning colors, acts as crown molding to dress the ceiling. Create the look you want with natural wood finishes or factory finish colors to create a custom space that enhances the look and value of your home.

Prior to Ultimate UnderDeck, if you wanted an under deck ceiling color other than white or beige, you were out of luck. If you wanted panels with a richer finish and texture or even one that simply matched the existing style of your home, you couldn't get it or had to pay through the nose for an expensive custom one. Now, you can get all those things and more with the architecturally stunning, cost-effective Ultimate UnderDeck system.

Furnished Under Deck Example

With such a variety of colors and textures available, there's an under deck ceiling to match any architectural style. Why sacrifice the look of your home to "dry in" when you can actually enhance it, improve the value of your home, and gain a beautiful outside living area with our superior ceilings and deck drainage systems?

If you have been considering creating a “dry in” porch under your walk-out deck, you may be getting discouraged by the options available out there. Many under decking systems on the market today are less than aesthetically pleasing, and while they get the job done can distract from the beauty of your home.

Many are available in basic colors that may not even match your home, or are made from materials that clash with your exterior, creating an offset living space that doesn’t really feel like part of your home. If you have found yourself running into these problems while researching your under deck ideas, there is hope out there: Ultimate UnderDeck.

We construct our under decking systems out of heavy gauge alloy, not vinyl, that prevents the ceiling from sagging by supporting cross beams unlike some other types of products. Also, unlike many of our competitors, our under decks are available in a wide variety of colors that complement your outdoor living space. Our available colors and finishes include:

• Satin Factory Finish
• Champagne
• White
• Clay
• Wineberry
• Sandy Beige
• Lush Woodgrain Laminates
• Straight Grain Karri
• Medium Teak
• Cathedral Cherry
• Dark Mahogany
• Rock Maple

• Pewter

Why settle for a factory-direct under decking system that leaves your porch lacking any kind of flair and architectural style when you can have sophisticated, stylish outdoor living space? Improve the value of your home and enhance your exterior with the quality, affordable dry under deck solutions from Ultimate UnderDeck.

Contact us today for more information about our under decking materials, our available colors and finishes, under deck drainage, and how we can help you create the dry, outdoor living space of your dreams.

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